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Chiming Seiko Movement Instructions

Additional Information: Battery life will normally last over one year. If, however, the pendulum swing slows or stops (or if the chime and timekeeping become erratic), attempt to first change the battery to see if this will correct the problem. If only the pendulum swing is erratic, but the movement keeps time and chimes, then check to make certain the movement has not become tilted. Also check to make certain the entire clock case is level.

The chimes may be changed at any time EXCEPT while the movement is actually playing. When you change the switch, you will always hear the chime play. This feature is designed for demonstration purposes.

You will not hear the melody at the quarter, half, or three quarter hours when you manually turn the time set knob. The melody will, however, play at these points once the movement has been allowed to operate on its own (in most cases, at least one hour).

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