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Autumn Finish, Arabic Dial, Brass Plaque, Custom Lower Glass and Clockface


Autumn Finish, Roman Dial,
Custom Lower Glass and Clockface

Loudon, BC, AN plain, custom lower glass

Burgundy Finish, Arabic Dial, Brass Plaque, Custom Lower Glass

Burgundy Finish, Roman Dial, Custom Lower Glass and Clockface


The Loudon is a streamlined version of the Lincoln, a 21st century introduction utilizing a new, simpler format for displaying art, college seals or corporate logos in a more compact design. The mitered corners in this solid cherry clock case give strength and beauty to a time piece that will be treasured for generations. While slightly smaller than the Lincoln and requiring less wall space, attention to construction detail coupled with an extraordinary finish epitomize the efficiency of the Loudon's design.

A handsome addition to any home or office, the Loudon features a large face and lower glass, either or both of which may be customized with your logo, seal or family name.

The midrail is ideally suited for mounting a personalized brass plaque.

  • Solid American black cherry in Autumn (light) or Burgundy (dark) finish.

  • Silent electronic quartz movement made in the U.S.A. — "AA" battery installed.

  • Choice of Arabic or Roman Numeral dial.

  • Customizable clockface with your choice of artwork (either color or b&w).  

  • Tempered Masonite upper and lower backboard stabilizes the dial and enhances the lower glass.

  • Rich screen-printed gold and black glass customized with your logo on lower glass or dial.

  • Optional engraved brass plaque.

  • Dimensions: 20"h x 11"w x 2-1/2"d     

  • Shipping wt. 7 lbs

To order your custom clock, fill out the order form to choose your specifications and upload your artwork, photo or logo. We will contact you for more information and payment. We want to make this ordering process easy and as personalized as your clock.

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