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Burgundy Finish, Arabic Dial, Brass Plaque, Standard Lower Glass, Custom Clockface


Burgundy Finish, Roman Dial, Brass Plaque, Standard Lower Glass, Custom Clockface


Autumn Finish, Arabic Dial, Brass Plaque, Custom Lower Glass and Clockface


Autumn Finish, Roman Dial, Brass Plaque, Custom Lower Glass and Clockface

Columbia – OUT OF STOCK

The Columbia is a clock design encompassing the tradition of the past and the form and function for the future. It represents an evolution of a clock built by a very old friend in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This design presents an unparalleled use of three separate mouldings in two distinctly different patterns, juxtaposed in much the same manner as a composer might do in a great piece of music. Handcrafted from over ten pounds of solid American black cherry into over a dozen pieces whose fit and finish rival the finest furniture available today. The simplicity of a maintenance free electronic quartz movement makes the Columbia a magnificent wall clock for our times.

The Columbia is available in Autumn or Burgundy finish with Arabic or Roman Numeral dial and optional engraved brass plaque. While the lower glass may be customized, an oval allowing the viewer to see a working, solid brass pendulum comes standard.

The Columbia is the top of our line, truly a high-end commemorative wall clock for the discriminating collector.

  • Solid American black cherry in Autumn (light) or Burgundy (dark) finish.

  • Choice of Arabic or Roman Numeral dial.

  • Customizable clockface with your choice of artwork (either color or b&w).

  • Tempered Masonite upper and lower backboard stabilizes the dial and enhances the lower glass.

  • Chiming Westminster Seiko electronic quartz movement with pendulum. "C" battery installed.

  • Lower see-through rich gold and black glass with customizable logo or standard oval.

  • Optional engraved brass plaque.

  • Dimensions:  25"h x 14"w x 6"d

  • Shipping wt:  16 lbs.

To order your custom clock, fill out the order form to choose your specifications and upload your artwork, photo or logo. We will contact you for more information and payment. We want to make this ordering process easy and as personalized as your clock.

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