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Silent Movement Instructions


All of our clocks are packaged with the appropriate sized battery installed. When you have to replace the battery, there is an outline of the proper orientation of the battery on the movement. The movement is located in the back of the clock, directly behind the dial. Simply insert your battery into the movement’s battery compartment (if not already taped in). Now, all you have to do is rotate the set-knob in the appropriate direction. (See direction arrow near set-knob on rear of movement.) Rotate until the hands (seen from the front of the clock) indicate the correct time.

Because there is a little play in the hands, you may want to re-adjust the set knob again in 24 hours or so, but that is all. If your movement requires constant readjustment it is not operating properly and should be repaired or replaced, at no charge during the warranty period.

INFORMATION: Don’t be fooled by the size or materials of construction of the movements used in our clocks. They are highly reliable, accurate and fully guaranteed. They are precise and designed to be maintenance free for a society on the go. All movements have these features:

· Quartz crystal keeps movement accurate to within a few seconds/month.

· Rear set-knob has easy access for quick and convenient time setting.
· Each movement is backed by a 1-year warranty. We’ll repair or replace any movement failure during this period.
· The battery compartment of each movement contains an outline of a battery indicating proper orientation of battery in movement compartment. The size of the compartment is an indication as to whether an “AA”, or “C” battery is required.

 Our wall clock has a hanger installed to carry the weight of the clock on the wall.

Replace batteries yearly, WHETHER THEY RUN DOWN OR NOT.



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